Our Story

Splinter are a four piece band primarily playing a mix of modern and classic original rock.  

They have all been playing for the last 15 to 20 years and as such, have a wide range of influence and styles to draw from, either when playing covers or writing and performing their own material.

They first gigged as Splinter in the spring of 2014 in the South Coast area and play in pubs and music festivals, parties and weddings.

The name originated from the fact the musicians all played in different bands and only got together to focus on writing their own material. Very soon they realised the material they had amassed in such a short time was so good that Splinter became the new focus for their energies.

Currently recording some original material, Splinter hope to have something available around Xmas 2018.

There are a few snippets over on the music page, so why not have a listen and maybe come and see us live at a venue near you. 

Take a look at the home page for upcoming gigs and we look forward to seeing you soon.